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iOS 4+

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Create futuristic light paintings with awesome holographic light effects!

Holographium magically transforms text and symbols into hundreds of luminous 3D cross section scans. On a long exposure photograph, these scans appear like a hologram floating in space!

All you need is a digital camera which is capable of taking long exposure photographs of at least 3 seconds, and Holographium!


Extrude Icons, Logos or Photos


Import logos, icons and even photographs! Holographium converts them into 3D volumetric objects, optimized for 3D light painting awesomeness.


Import from...
✔ Photo Albums
✔ Camera Roll
✔ Camera
✔ iTunes File Sharing


Extrude Text and Unicode Symbols


Type in any text you like, and pick one of 9 carefully chosen, beautiful colors.
Love fancy Emoji and Unicode symbols? Holographium renders them!


Set The 3D Depth


Set the depth (thickness) of your 3D light paintings.
Enjoy the beautiful 3D extrusion preview in realtime.


Set The Timing


Set the extrusion duration between 3 and 30 seconds in 0.5-second steps.
Set a countdown between 0 and 30 seconds in 1-second steps.


Included 3D Light Painting Guide


Holographium shows you how it works.
✔ Watch the inclued 3D-animated demo video anytime, anywhere!
✔ Beautiful 3D light painting guide included.
✔ Many tips included!
✔ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) included.
✔ Displays contextual information.
✔ Contact Support feature included.
✔ Smart & beautiful annotations introduce the interface.


Awesome Audiovisual User Interface


✔ Simulated animatronics driven by artificial intelligence.
✔ One full year of research and development. Just to make it really cool.
✔ Realtime physically-based sounds: Mechanics, mechatronics & robotic feedback.
✔ Simple and fun to use.
✔ Looks, feels, sounds and works great on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.




✔ English, Deutsch